Motorola Gleam + available in market

Motorola Gleam +, LED styled handset, is available now for UK citizens. Do you want to get this device? To obtain Gleam +, you are required to spend only £10 a month. Is not it incredible contract deal? Here, you do not pay anything for phone and it is available absolutely free of cost. Last model of Motorola Gleam became instant hit in phone arena due to incredible looks. Performance wise, it is ok.

Motorola Gleam + is not a powerful or high-end smart phone. It is a small entry-level device from American phone manufacturer. However, looks of phone is USP. At the moment, Tesco mobile is selling this product for consumers. By signing a contract for 24 months with Tesco, you can grab the contract deals of Motorola Gleam +. Phone has 2.8 inch WQVGA screen, Wi-Fi and good camera.

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