Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 confirmed

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 has been seen already in various events since the start of the year. Now, we got the genuine image of Galaxy Note 8.0. Finally, we can say that it is a confirmed tablet from South-Korean giant. Recently, Samsung organized a special event in Korean for Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE. In this event, we got the opportunity to see the image of this upcoming tablet. As the name refers, this upcoming product is successor to original Galaxy Note 7.7. As per the information, this product will sit between Note 2 and Note 10.1. This product will definitely create tough competition for Apple iPad Mini and Google’s Nexus 7.

We have also heard number of rumors about Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. These rumors have given us number of interesting details about the product and we are expecting so many things now. This tablet is expected to have a large 8.0 inch touch screen display running at resolution of 1280×720 pixels. This beautiful tablet will be powered by Quad-core 1.6GHz processor and will have 2GB of RAM and 5-megapixel digital camera. As far as OS is concerned, Galaxy Note 8.0 will come pre-loaded with Android Jelly Bean OS. This product will also have S-pen interface.

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Huawei Ascend P2 image and features leaked

Huawei Ascend P2We all know the importance of Huawei Ascend P1 for Huawei. This phone-maker has achieved third position successfully in top five smart phone-makers. Samsung got the number one and Apple has number two position. Now, it seems Huawei wants to gain number two or one position in 2013. Recently, we came to know about the Huawei Ascend P2. You can images of this beautiful phone online. Even, specifications are available on various websites. As per the information, phone will pack a 13-megapixel digital camera.

Whatever we have heard about Huawei Ascend P2, it is not official from Huawei. As a result, we are not sure whether all these features and images are right. Previously, we also heard that phone would feature 2GB of RAM and Quad-core processor. If all these details are true, this phone will challenge to all popular phones, like Apple iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, Sony Xperia Z, Motorola RAZR I, etc. Please keep in mind that manufacturer is no longer a small or unknown phone-maker. It is getting good popularity and capturing good market share too.

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Alcatel one touch idol ultra – Get ready for thinnest smartphone ever

Alcatel one touch idol ultraAlcatel has launched number of mobile phones before in market. But, at CES in Las Vegas, we got to see one really impressive phone from Alcatel. Most interesting thing about the Alcatel one touch idol ultra is that it is world’s thinnest smart phone in recent time. Please keep in mind that it is an Android handset which got the mid-range specifications. Cell phone is only 6.45mm thick. Officially, this smart phone breaks the record of all available thin smart phones. No, Apple iPhone 5 is no longer a thinnest handset.

Do you want to know each and every specification of Alcatel One touch idol ultra? This smart phone has 4.7 inch HD OLED touch screen display which offers the resolution of 1280×720 pixels. Powered by dual-core 1.2GHz processor, it is coupled with 1GB of RAM and good memory space. Backside is one 8-megapixel digital camera that is able to capture 1080p video. Front-facing 1.3MP camera is also impressive and it helps you to make video calls comfortably.

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Samsung Ativ S and Ativ Tab now available in UK

Samsung Ativ SAfter HTC and Nokia, now, Samsung is also ready with new windows phone 8 devices. Samsung will release Samsung Ativ S and Ativ Tab this week in United Kingdom. We have heard a lot about these two products and finally they are coming in UK. Release date of the phone has been confirmed and products will arrive in market on December 14, 2012. Ativ S is a windows phone handset and will be available for buyers around £442.80 SIM Free. If you are interested in unlocked version, you will have to pay around £424.98only. Seeking for contract deal? O2 and Vodafone can help you to get one.

Samsung Ativ S features dual-core 1.5GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, 32GB internal memory and space for external microSD Card. Design wise, it looks close to Samsung Galaxy S3. Screen’s size is 4.8 inch and there is one 8-megapixel digital camera. We also have some details about the Samsung Ativ Tab. This tablet has dual-core 1.5GHz CPU, 2GB of RAM, and Adreno 305 graphic chip. Display of the device is 10.1 inch and you can buy it around £538.80.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 is still top selling in UK

Samsung Galaxy S3 has emerged as best selling smart phone in United Kingdom. Company is claiming this according to the sales data of last six months. Released of new iPhone 5 did not affect the sale of Galaxy S3 at all. This data or figure is based on live-searches, pre-orders, and pay monthly sales. It is quiet impressive that Galaxy S3 is still number one even after the successful launch of iPhone 5. Most impressive thing is that iPhone 4S has beaten new Apple iPhone 5. That’s mainly due to the price difference between the two devices. After the release of iPhone 5, Apple reduced the price of iPhone 4S.

Samsung is extremely happy with this report. Samsung Galaxy S3 is a flagship smart phone model of Samsung in recent time and it is performing great in market. Every single person who is using Galaxy S3 is extremely happy with the performance of the device. Do you think that people are not interested in original Galaxy S2? If your answer is yes, then you are wrong. Samsung Galaxy S2 successfully got the 4th place in the segment of best selling smart phone in UK. Recently launched Nexus 4 got the fifth place.

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About Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini has arrived in phone world. Samsung announced this small brother of Galaxy S3 in October. Today, we have brought full review of Galaxy S3 Mini. Hopefully, this review will help you to decide whether to buy this product or not. First of all, it is not as powerful as Galaxy S3 because it is powered by only dual-core processor. On the other hand, its big brother got the Quad-core processor. In terms of construction, it looks almost similar to its predecessor but you have to ignore the size.

Galaxy S3 Mini measures 121.5x63x9.8mm and weighs 111.5G. It is not a small smart phone because its screen size is same as Apple iPhone 5. Yes, this mobile phone from Samsung ships with 4.0 inch 800×400 pixels super AMOLED touch screen display. It is a best device for those phone-lovers who cannot buy expensive Galaxy S3. Running on latest Android Operating System, Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini provides most comfortable, easy and exciting user-interface.

On the backside is beautiful 5-megapixel digital snapper with LED flash. There is one front-facing camera as well and it makes your professional life really simple. Once you remove the back cover, you see Li-Ion 1500mAh battery which offers great talk time.

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Samsung Galaxy Premier is really impressive

Samsung Galaxy Premier is new mobile phone designed for those consumers who cannot buy Samsung Galaxy S3 due to expensive price-tag. This new product offers almost similar features at reasonable rates. Display of the phone is slightly smaller than what Galaxy S3 offers. It sports 4.65 inch 720×1280 pixels touch screen display. Hence, new phone’s display is only 0.15 inches smaller than S3. Inside the phone, there is a dual-core 1.5GHz processor which provides good performance. However, Galaxy S3 is a Quad-core processor phone.

Remaining features of Samsung Galaxy Premier are almost similar to Samsung Galaxy S3. This new product comes packed with 8-megapixel digital camera on the back and you can see one beautiful 1.9-megapixel snapper on the front. Internal flash memory is also good and you get the option to expand the external memory via microSD card. Wi-Fi, USB and Bluetooth connectivity enables consumers to share the data from device to another comfortably.

As of now, Galaxy Premier is running on Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android OS. Hopefully, Samsung will release the Jelly Bean update soon for this handset. This phone measures 134x68x9mm and weighs 130G only.

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Windows Phone 8 devices coming on October 29

Windows phone 8 handsets are all set to make their debut in United Kingdom on October 29, 2012. On the same day, we will see Microsoft’s new Operating System in United States of America. Hopefully, we will see Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 on the same day. Both are 4G-capable smart phones in UK. Apart from these two devices, we will see some more interesting phones. It is a great news for UK citizens who want to use windows phone devices as soon as possible.

As of now, we have heard various reports about other windows phone 8 devices. From Samsung to HTC, all premium phone-manufactures are ready with different windows phone 8 smart phones. At the moment, we are not sure how many smart phones will be available on October 29 for consumers. But, we can easily say that people had been waiting for this moment for last many months. Microsoft’s windows phone 8 Operating System has become really popular in last few months.

It has become decent competitor for many available phones that run on Android OS, Blackberry OS and iOS. Gradually, it is winning the heart of phone-users. Simple user-interface makes it really popular among the users.

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Apple iPhone 5 crossed 5 Million mark in first week

Last Friday, Apple iPhone 5 went on sale in phone world. Now, Apple is too eager to announce the sale figures of this sixth generation iPhone. According to American phone-giant Apple, over 5 million people across the world have bought iPhone 5 during its first three days on sale. However, there is not a big difference between the sales of iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. Yes, there are only one million sales differences between these two products.

Apple iPhone 5 is unique smart phone with great features. This handset is slightly taller than its predecessor. Coming with lengthy 4.0 inch Retina touch screen display, this impressive display enables consumers to view movies and other files without any black bars. It offers great resolution and brightness to users. It is also a lighter and thinner than iPhone 4S. In simple words, Apple worked really hard to make iPhone 5 better than its predecessor because people were expecting too much for this device.

When it comes to latest iOS6, more than 100 million products of Apple have been updated to iOS6. It seems people liked the new version of iOS thoroughly.

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Samsung ready to sue Apple before iPhone 5 launch

Samsung is all set to sue Apple once the Apple iPhone 5 comes in the market. This interesting rumor is coming from the internal source of mobile phone industry. As we all know that iPhone 5 will feature large screen display, powerful processor and 4G LTE technology. As per the available information, South-Korean phone giant will sure Apple immediately on the basis of 4G LTE.

As of now, Apple has not released even a single detail about the Apple iPhone 5. But, most probably, this device will come with 4G LTE. Samsung is not happy with Apple’s 4G LTE technology which Samsung claims infringes its patents. According to report, Samsung has decided to take immediate legal action against the Apple once American giant introduces iPhone 5.

Legal battle between Apple and Samsung has crossed all the limits and both companies want to win this battle at any cost. On the other hand, Apple is extremely busy because company will introduce the device on September, 12, 2012.  Now, we will have to wait and watch to see the actual battle between Apple and Samsung.

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